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26 Apr, 2021
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Easy Ways To Declutter TV Wires And Hide Them

You finally splurged and bought that big flatscreen TV you’ve been wanting. Now you have to mount it on your wall and make sure it looks good! These televisions are specifically designed to be hung on the wall to save space in the room. But it is very unsightly to be left with a bunch of wires hanging out the back. We understand that you just spent a lot on purchasing a new TV, and you might think twice before spending more to sort these wires. But what if we told you that you don’t need to cut your walls to get this done? Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks you can implement yourself to clean up the wiring! 

Declutter TV Wires And Hide Them

With the right tricks and planning, you can hide these unsightly wires without needing to spend a lot or compromise on style.

Use the back of Your Furniture: This is the easiest hack to make those hanging and tangled wires disappear. Use cord clips to carefully clip the wires to the back of your furniture. This is easy and can be done in under 20 minutes. It is a clean, efficient way to group and hide these new wires, but be sure that you do not cause any fire hazards by winding tape around wires or grouping them too close together. Call us if you have any questions!

Cable Management Box: If you can’t use cord clips, we have another solution. You can make use of the cable management box. These are a superb alternative as they have enough space to hide the wires while keeping them sorted. But before you get a cable management box, make sure that it has holes to add cables around the sides. This way you can easily place the lid on the top and keep it out of reach of the kids. After that, you will face no difficulty in managing wires of different sizes and colors. 

Place them into the Drawer: To keep the wires in the drawer you may need to make some modifications. These include using a power drill to make holes in the drawer. You make different sections and slip all the overflowing cables into them. Also, make sure you create a space for each associated gadget, such as the speaker. We only recommend this option if you are pretty handy.

Use a Panel Board: If you want to be a little more creative, you can hide the wires using panel boards. These are available in different designs and sizes, including simple and fancy designs. If you can’t find a panel board with a design you like, try covering the panel board with fabric or paint that compliments the design of your new TV. 

Use the décor items: If none of the above works, you can always use other decor items to shield the wires. For example, placing houseplants, candles, artwork, or a cabinet in front of the wires can conceal them while still appearing completely natural. 

These are a few different tips and tricks you can use to clean up the wiring from your new entertainment system. Because this is a new addition to your home, consider hiring a licensed electrician to review the wiring and ensure there are no fire or other safety hazards. ETD Electrical is available for a full inspection of your wiring to ensure that your home is safe and up to code. Call us today!


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