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22 Oct, 2021
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5 Signs You Need a Residential Electrician

Did you know that home electrical fires cause up to 51,000 fires each year in the United States of America? There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to your home’s electricity so it is vital that you know the signs that your home is in need of a residential electrician.

Electrical work is both tricky and dangerous and you shouldn’t try to fix any issues that you discover in your home on your own. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the signs that you’re in need of an electrician to handle your electrical repair.

Continue reading this article to learn about five clear signs that you need to hire an electrician near you for electrical work today.

1. Dimming and Flickering Lights

One of the first things that you’ll notice when your home is in need of electrical work is issues with your home’s lights. This could come in the form of dimming randomly or it could even lead to flickering. This happens most often when you toggle your home’s light switches on and off.

When your lights dim or flicker it is a sign that your circuit could be overloaded. It might also mean that you have a bad circuit breaker or that something has gone wrong with your wiring. The more lights and devices that you run off of your electricity, the more issues you’ll encounter with the lights flickering and dimming.

If this is something that happens once in a blue moon then it isn’t something that is pressing. If this continues to happen to you on a regular basis then you need to reach out to an electrician near me to take a look at your home’s electrical issues.

2. Buzzing from Your Lights

Another sign that something is definitely wrong with your home’s electricity is if you hear a buzzing noise when you turn your lights on. This might be normal in cartoons but it should not be happening in your home. If you notice this issue in your home then that is a sign of a major problem with your electrical work.

This could happen because of wiring that has gone bad from the circuit near the light switch or near a wall outlet. It could happen due to issues with your circuit breaker. Regardless of the cause of the issue, it creates a dangerous situation for your and your household.

If you put off getting this buzzing from your lights fixed then it could lead to severe injuries to your loved ones and major damage to your home. If you hear buzzing from your lights reach out to us for help by calling 941-803-6496 today!

3. Damaged Wires

Another big issue that requires help from a residential electrician is damaged wires. There are a number of things that cause damaged wires. First, you want to make sure that you don’t have any exposed wires in your home. These are ripe for an electrical disaster.

There are also things like damaged wire coverings that you need to keep an eye out for. Things like children, pets, and pests will cause damage to wiring covers. This is especially true for pests like mice and rats that will gnaw their way through the wiring cover.

Other reasons that wiring covers go bad are corrosion and excessive bending. Some will even become exposed after enduring heat. This is one of the main reasons that electrical fires start and happen. Look out for any exposed wires and make sure that you check your home’s wiring covers in order to keep everyone safe and sound.

If you discover any damaged wires then you shouldn’t try to fix them on your own. This is especially true if they’re live wires as you could shock and injure yourself. If you discover damaged or exposed wires then you need to reach out to a residential electrician as soon as possible.

4. Outlets

Another big issue that you’ll run into if you live in an older home is issues with the wall outlets. Homes that have had electrical work completed after the year 1970 should come equipped with three-pronged electrical outlets. More recent homes, like those built in the 1990s, will have wall outlets equipped with ground fault interrupters.

These ground fault interrupter outlets are designed with safety in mind. They’re meant to protect the people in your home from getting injured should something go wrong with your home’s electricity. Outlets without these ground interrupters are outdated and will need to get replaced by a residential electrician in order for your home to be up to code in your area.

5. You’re Getting Shocked

The most clear-cut sign that you need to seek help from a residential electrician is if you’re getting shocked or feeling a buzz when you turn on switches or touch appliances in your home. This would mean that the ground fault interrupter in your home’s wiring and outlets is no longer working.

It could also mean that the wiring in your home that carries the electricity has something wrong with it. Regardless of the cause, it is not normal for you and your household to experience getting shocked when using appliances or turning off lights. That is something that requires immediate attention from an electrician near you.

They’ll look at the ground fault interrupter and your home’s wiring to identify the issue and take the necessary steps to fix it. This is the only sure way to keep your family safe and your home intact.

Get In Touch With Your Residential Electrician Today

There are many things that a residential electrician can help with when it comes to electrical work in your home. You need to look out for issues like flickering lights and a buzzing sound coming from your light fixtures. These are signs of bad wiring or a bad breaker. You should also look out for exposed wiring as this is the main cause of electrical fires. Call us today for your free electrical estimate at 941-803-6496!


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