6008 30th Ave Dr E Palmetto, FL 34221
07:00 AM - 07:00 PM Daily
6008 30th Ave Dr E Palmetto, FL 34221
07:00 AM - 07:00 PM Daily
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04 Jul, 2021
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Locally Owned Electrical Services Company Is Serving Residents of Palmetto, FL

ETD Electrical Services offers high quality, affordable electrical services to residents of Palmetto, Florida. They have a team of experienced electricians who ensure all electrical needs are met.

Electricity and Great Lighting are major home essentials that enhance living conditions and add to the aesthetic appeal of a home. With an increase in the number of electrical needs to be met, the importance of getting a trusted, especially local electrical services company cannot be overemphasized.

Although electrical services can be provided by both local and corporate service companies, local companies are your best bet for intentional, customer-oriented and excellent service. A great example is a locally owned company like ETD Electrical Services.

ETD Electrical Services is a veteran-led, family-oriented, locally owned and operated company based in Palmetto, FL. With over 20+ years of providing excellent electrical services to homes in the area and building strong relationships, they guarantee top quality, affordable electrical work in record time.

Why Choose ETD Electrical Services?

Knowledge Of Regulations

With local electrical service companies, knowing the regulations that govern electricity and lighting in the area is a great plus. ETD Electrical Services is in the know about all of the regulations guarding electrical installations and projects in the area. With over 500 successful electrical projects in and around Tampa Bay, no guidelines are strange. ETD ensures your electrical fittings are done correctly, within guidelines and in record time.

Customer Oriented Service

Locally owned companies are more customer-oriented and familiar with the electrical needs of homes and families in the area. With ETD Electrical Services, they work where they live and have an excellent reputation to live up to. They are fully focused on satisfying their customers, neighbours and friends, paying special attention to any electrical problems and repairs to be made, or new installations to be put in place. Any rechecks are also easier to carry out as they live in the area with you.

Certification and Experience

All ETD Electricians are fully qualified and certified with a minimum of 3+ years of experience individually. This means being equipped with what is needed to ensure your electrical needs are fully met and surpassed. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau which means you can trust them to deliver top quality services. 

Trust and Competitive Pricing

At ETD Electrical Services, connecting with members of the community and earning trust is a priority. Unlike bigger or national companies, each client is treated specially to offer high-quality services at competitive prices. In addition, they offer completely free estimates for any work you need to do.

What Kind Of Electrical Services Do They Offer?

Full-Service Electrical Design or Layout

If it’s a new home or property and you’re looking to develop a new electrical layout or even new landscape lighting for your outdoors, ETD Electrical Services is your best bet. 

Wiring And Repairs

For any sudden power outages or necessary repairs, a locally operated company like ETD is your best bet. They are quick and reliable, providing you with all you need in the shortest possible time. They can also install generators to provide an emergency power source.

Do you have some electrical needs? Speak to a certified electrician at ETD Electrical Services today. To get a free quote or make enquiries, contact us or call (941) 803-6496.


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